Volunteering at Eagle Rock Reservation

Work Day Report: Saturday, July 23rd
We had a wonderful day to work. It was sunny and a nice cool breeze was in the air. Jack laid out a plan to build a water bar on the blue trail to stop any more damage to the trail. We had sixteen people show to work. Many of them here for the first time. They saw our article in the Star Ledger and came to see what we were all about. It was a successful day. We dug out a water bar and within two hours we had a path for the water to run free of the trail. My compliments to Jack for the design. My thanks to all of you who sweated out the hard work. The Star Ledger had a photographer there who snapped pictures for two hours. We are hoping that one of his pictures will find its way into the paper along with an article about ERRC. Again, I want to say thank you to everyone who participated in today’s event. Thanks for keeping our vision of ERRC alive.
~Jim Christiano

What you can do to get involved
Join with other like-minded people who want to see Eagle Rock preserved and protected. The Eagle Rock Conservancy meets monthly to plan strategy, events, fundraising, and awareness campaigns. You can join ERRC by email or coming to a scheduled event or meeting. In addition, ERRC will have a table at the County art fairs to give out maps of the Reservation, to answer questions, and to seek new members.

Upcoming Work to do
Many of the existing culverts (concrete pipes to channel water run-off away from trails) are in disrepair. Plans are being made to repair the damaged culverts which will eliminate the patches of standing water and mud that plague the hiking trail system throughout the Reservation. The standing water is also habitat for mosquito breeding. In addition, many treefalls cross roads and hiking paths. For many years no effort has been made to clear them. Watch the website for ERRC trail maintenance and clean-up events.



Carry In, Carry Out
Whenever you can, carry a plastic bag when you walk in Eagle Rock and carry out whatever litter you can.

Eagle Rock Reservation Map Project
One of ERRC's projects is updating and improving the official Eagle Rock map. Using Global Positioning Satellites (GPS) members will map all the trails and landmarks within the Reservation.
See the current map.

Committees needed:
Public Relations, Trails & Works, Events, Fundraising, Internet, County Liaison, Membership, Communications, Organization (recording secretary, corresponding secretary, treasurer)

Donating to ERRC:
Contributions are welcome and appreciated. Funds are used to offset costs such as printing and clean-up tools. ERRC is a 501C3 organization and all donations are tax deductible. Please send your checks to:

ERRC/Eagle Rock Reservation Conservancy
P.O. Box 235
W. Orange, NJ 07052